Through this application, users are able to effortlessly visit numerous properties to select the one that is best suited to their needs.

This application provides a tremendous opportunity for real estate agents to show a plethora of homes to potential buyers without taking the time and resources to drive the potential buyer to all their listings. Furthermore, users can revisit the spaces on their own time to fully imagine what it would be like to reside in the homes.


In this ‘virtual walkthrough’ users simply scan the floor area of their physical world. The app then places a spatially-aware, to-scale model of the home wherever the user is standing. They are able to walk through the different doors into all of the rooms and go to the different levels of the home.

This technology can create a 360-degree tour of any home or apartment without the user having to have a technical background. This is because the app allows users to simply upload 360 photos of the residence and a full-scale model will be generated. 

Furthermore, using a 360 spheres management algorithm users can set the starting point and transition points within the rendering to lay out the course the potential buyer will take in the virtual walkthrough. 


The technology we used:

To create this AR Travel Portal Platform our team at Reflective Brands used:

  • ARCore
  • Unity Engine
  • Inner Unity and C# libraries

Key Takeaways:

This application is available for both Android and iOS platforms and is a major breakthrough for remote viewings within the real estate industry.

It is easy to create multiple tours through numerous homes thus providing realtors with the ability to optimize the way they show homes.