Helping a luxury brand stand out

Nisha had the unique challenge of promoting this new organization, setting it apart in an oversaturated, highly competitive marketplace.

She saw the opportunity to feature the USP of the Circle of Trust Center - that it was a holistic recovery center like no other. From that, she crafted the marketing and branding to focus on the skilled psychological counseling, cutting edge cleansing modalities and rounded approach to drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Later, when the Circle of Trust pivoted it's market to focus on luxury retreat and holistic cleansing, Nisha helped to re-craft the brand messaging and marketing materials to reflect the rebranding.

Web Development & SEO

Nisha and her team of creatives produced a stunning website that was completely responsive and search engine optimized.

In a short amount of time, many of the Circle of Trust Healing Center website pages ranked among the top search results for 'holistic recovery center'.

Multichannel Marketing

Nisha devised a marketing plan that quickly got the Circle of Trust's brand into the world through:

  • Print advertisements
  • Guest articles in industry-specific publications
  • Listings with umbrella organizations and accommodation booking services
  • Informational Blogs

Online Advertising

Using Google Adwords and Facebook advertising, Nisha and her team ran several campaigns that resulted in a steady flow of clients for the Circle of Trust. 

Additionally, these campaigns lead to wide brand recognition in the recovery center field.

Promotional Videos

Creating promotional videos, testimonials, and behind the scenes videos, Nisha was able to push the message of the Circle of Trust Healing Center into many arenas.

Crafting a cohesive voice across the numerous videos, prospective clients felt comfortable investing in this luxury healing center.

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