Establishing Online & In-person Community

How do you grow an audience and fostering community for an in-person monthly event series? Nisha and her team understood that it was about fostering community both online and off. Providing unique opportunities for community members to connect, learn, and engage.

Conference Branding & Promotion

With a full branding and marketing package, Design Reality hired Nisha to spread the word about their first annual conference rapidly. Through an integrated marketing plan, Nisha helped promote the conference online and off.

By building out clear brand guidelines, a custom logo, uniform messaging, and optimized site Nisha and her team were able to attract over 200 attendees for the first-ever conference in Portland, OR.


Print Materials

For the days of the conference on-brand print materials were designed to help attendees have the best experience possible while simultaneously embedding the brand in their minds.

With impressive print materials from the offset, Design Reality was able to impress attendees and establish the legitimacy of their conference.

Custom Website & Social Sharing

The branding for this website tied into the branding of the conference while also having its individual qualities to set it apart. Highly functional, users could easily navigate to purchasing tickets for the monthly event, as well as finding content from previous events.

The strategy for marketing this brand extended beyond the website and into Social Media Marketing, There Nisha dedicated time to researching social groups interested in XR technology, posting in those groups, and sharing valuable custom content as well as curated articles and posts on their social accounts.


Content Videos

Beyond sharing valuable content at the in-person events, Nisha saw the ability of Design Reality to leverage it's content for continued engagement online.

Since each event produces twenty-minute filmed talks, Nisha and her team worked on uploading those videos and distribute them through posts, blogs, and links. This strategy gained new engagement with the brand as well as driving further interaction from the event attendees.

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