THE PROCESS OF Updating a Website

ToPa 3D knew that it was time to update their website so that their brand could match with the quality of their work. Having been working in the 3D capture services for over 20 years, their website was dramatically out of date and no longer clearly represented their brand and their work. On top of this, their services had evolved significantly over the years and ToPa was struggling to convey what they did in a cohesive manner.


Reflective Brands was brought on to do a complete website redesign, while also helping their team hone their marketing message into a clear offering. We took the foundational elements of the original branding and updated them in a way that respected the history of the company while establishing a strong brand identity with a bright future ahead.

With such a big service offering, one of our biggest objectives was to help ToPa properly construct the information architecture of the website’s content. We worked closely with their teams over multiple creative sessions to understand their work as if it was our own. From there we were able to come up with how to best present the key offerings of ToPa 3D in an intuitive and organized way. 


Our team wanted to make sure to not overwhelm the user but rather help them easily navigate to the services that would solve their business problems. It was decided that we would directly address the problems ToPa 3D solves for their clients through three clear and distinct verticals. By making landing pages for each, their customer not only can navigate the offerings easier, but the SEO for the site has driven new traffic and leads.

Additionally, ToPa 3D had an abundant supply of resources from online classes to case studies, all of which we helped leverage in intelligent ways. 

We leveraged their original content through:

  • Making the top case studies lead generation/opt-in tools
  • Classifying other case studies into vertical-specific content
  • Creating a resources page with LinkedIn learning courses
  • Organizing all of the content into a clear, visually appealing format

The Results

ToPa 3D was thrilled to have a visually stunning website that represents the quality of their work. They already stood feet above their competitors with their skilled service offerings. Now they have a website that matches and represents them fully. The work has already been speaking for itself, as new clients have been reporting “how professional and compelling” the site is!