Interactive Kiosks 

Our role was to breathe new life into the hallway by building out a new interactive display, while maintaining the sense of connection to the roots of this historic American Industry.

The Wheat Marketing Center was founded in 1988 and a year later they had a hallway museum built in their offices to educate guest about the US Wheat Industry. Nearly 28 years later, that same museum had not been updated or changed!

Updating Brand

With the majority of their branding being established in 1989, it was time for a refresher! We created an entire Brand Style Book for the WMC to use for all future marketing efforts. This influenced everything from business cards, their new websites, and of course the entire design of the new hallway.

Hallway Museum Rebuild

When we say full services, we mean full service! Throughout this project, you could find Joshua in the hallway actually swinging hammers and installing display mounts. Of course, the majority of the work was done by professional contractors, including full demolishing of the old hallway display, electrical rewiring, new lighting, and installation of 5 brand new digital displays with interactive tablets. All of this work was guided by our creative vision and design. We eve commissioned a local muralist to paint 3 full wall murals to give a truly unique touch.

Interactive Kiosk App Design

This is where things got exciting! We were tasked with building a completely custom, fully interactive kiosk app that would enable users to control content on a mounted display from a computer tablet. This app would then need 5 different versions, with video backgrounds, nested menus, intuitive design, and the ability to update/change content easily. We are proud to say that we achieved all these goals and created a truly unique experience for WMC’s guests that will last for years to come.


The challenge with this project was to bring the Wheat Marketing Centers hallway museum into the 21st century with new technology that would last another 20+ years. At the same time, it was important that the museum still clearly spoke to the roots of this historic industry and the farmers who make it great.


We accomplished these goals by building out 5 fully interactive digital displays with exponentially more educational content then the original museum. The hallway feels warms and welcoming to anyone who enters and encourages individuals to learn not only about wheat and the wheat industry, but also how the WMC’s work helps this industry thrive.